Medieval BedWars

Last updated: 18 jan, 2020

Medieval BedWars

his is one of the most popular classic game mode on Minecraft, BedWars! You can now play this game on your PC, Android, iOS and even Console devices for free! We have made it as close to the original as possible. BedWars in Minecraft bedrock edition!

Have you ever wanted to just play a BedWars game just with your friends, and not with all those other people on the servers? Well, you are in the right place! The Medieval BedWars by PixelPoly is one of our biggest community projects ever! With advanced features which you can read more about below. All of it is, of course, available easily just click the download button below and enjoy a fully functional BedWars map, for your phone, tablet, PC or even console!

How to play?

  • 4 teams and 4 beds, you need to destroy other's beds while defending yours!
  • Whoever survives with Bed (Or even without) would win the game!

Note: the game requires at least 4 players to start!

Minigame Features

This map contains lots of possibilities and can promise a very fun time playing it! All of the features are listed below:

  • Custom Shop (NPC Traders)!
  • Working generators
  • 4 Teams randomly picked!
  • Supports a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 30 players
  • Functional reset system (So you can replay without redownloading!)
  • Working Stats (Alive players, beds)
  • Quality builds

Created by: StarlkYT (Team CCo & Builder) & JustAsh0005 (Team CEO & Programmer)


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