ActualGuns 3D Add-on:

Last updated: 24th of July, 2024

* monster not included.

ActualGuns 3D Addon: Experimental

Welcome to the ActualGuns 3D experimental channel! Here, you'll find the latest public beta versions of AG3D.

As the name implies, ActualGuns 3D features three-dimensional firearms for you to live out all your trigger-happy fantasies in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. The firearms range from assault rifles, to sniper rifles, to handguns.

Originally released in 2020 on September the 30th, the add-on is now receiving its biggest update yet; re-writing and re-animating the guns, adding new sounds and visual effects, with a few other great changes as well.

Video showcase:

What is "Experimental," and what's changed?
Credits - Alphabetical

If you are facing any problems with installation or gameplay, please make sure to contact us on our discord server.

Note: Make sure to turn on "Beta APIs" in your world settings before playing the Add-on! As of v1.9, please do not enable "Holiday Creator Features"! This will break the add-on!

Download Experimental AG3D

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